Winner of the Best Books 2006 Book Award in gardening (USA Book News)!!!

Deer in My Garden: Perennials & Subshrubs "is a superbly presented and profusely illustrated introduction for the novice gardener, and a welcome reference for the experienced horticulturalist covering more than 100 species of garden plants."


Awards for Vol. 2:


Finalist in the Benjamin Franklin Awards 2009!!!


Northern CA Publishers & Authors 2009:

Gold! "Best overall book"

"Best general nonfiction"

"Best interior text/images/graphics"



Awards for Vol. 1:


USA Book News Book Awards: Best Gardening Book, 2006

Independent Publisher: Highlighted Title, October 2006

Writers Notes Magazine: 2007 Eric Hoffer Award in nonfiction

The New York Book Festival, 2007: Honorable mention in nonfiction

Northern California Publishers & Authors (NCPA), 2007: Best First Book, Best Cover, & silver in Best Book

The Hollywood Book Festival, 2007: Honorable mention in nonfiction


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Deer in My Garden

Vol. 2: Groundcovers and Edgers


From Greg & Pat Williams of "HortIdeas": "If you're trying to 'garden in harmony with deer,' then the only thing better than having Carolyn's first volume is having both volumes. Nowhere will you find such authoritative advice on which plants can really succeed (and how to help them thrive) when you're beseiged by deer. Don't give up -- read Carolyn's words of wisdom!"


Two books of plants to grow in deer country,

and how to grow them!


Much more than lists of "deer-resistant" plants, these books take the reader into the garden, detailing cultural requirements, bloom length, landscape use, companion plants, maintenance, and propagation for each plant. This is a reference tool for all gardeners, in deer country or not.

"Inspiring! As an experienced gardener for many years, I appreciate the attention to details that Carolyn has given us in this visit to her garden. She has a wealth of information for the seasoned gardener and the beginner."Joan Ballenger, gardener & editor, Ashland OR

"Why don't you grow yucky flowers, Grandma? The deer wouldn't eat yucky flowers!" Marcus McMillin, 3-year-old grandson, Grass Valley CA

"A yummy book of plants that aren't really yucky, Deer in My Garden is a comprehensive guide for gardeners who really want to get to know their plants. I can only hope that Carolyn keeps writing more volumes, so I can toss all my other gardening books, because none of them compares."
Bob Scheulen, gardener & editor, Seattle WA


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Carolyn Singer has gardened, taught, designed, and
written garden articles in deer country since 1977.
Tours of her gardens have inspired many
gardeners, and her classes are legendary. Her writing has
been published in Fine Gardening, Garden Gate, Better
Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publications, and Sierra Heritage Magazine.